Couples Counseling

While many therapists find couples counseling to be emotionally draining, this is where I believe I’ve found a true passion. I enjoy working with couples of all sexual orientations to help them learn new skills in communication, identify problem areas, and develop skills to help them cope with their problems. I use the word ‘cope’ here instead of ‘resolve’ quite deliberately because in point of fact most ‘problems’ are never resolved and the couple must learn how to move forward without resolution.
In keeping with my underlying philosophy that no two individuals are alike, so too it follows that no two couples are alike. As such, I use a variety of therapeutic modalities (e.g., The Gottman Method, Emotionally Focused Therapy, etc.) that are crafted to ensure the needs of all members of the couple are considered. We work hard together to learn how to reduce the negativity that is created during conflict (rupture) and increase positivity immediately afterwards (repair). It is also important to increase the total amount of positivity displayed toward each other at all times and toward that end I use what I call the ‘team concept’. In this regard, the couple is a ‘team’ that has a common goal of working together to increase happiness, build intimacy, and move toward their common sense of purpose. Actions that do not foster the success of the ‘team’ are examined and identified as problem areas.
Couples work is quite challenging to all participants but the rewards to those who work hard at it are often realized in increased intimacy and a heathier emotional life.
I am proud to announce that my passion in couples counseling was recognized this year by the awarding to me of the Best of 2014 West Hollywood Marriage Counselor. I’d like to give a special thanks to all those who voted for me.

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