About Therapy

A positive relationship between a client and therapist is essential for therapy to work. As in all relationships, clearly defining the terms of the relationship at the outset will lay the foundation for a successful therapeutic experience — one built upon trust and understanding.

Participating in therapy can help you learn new and important things about yourself and others, as well as new and better ways of handling feelings or problems. While there are no guarantees, coming to therapy should help you feel better and produce beneficial results.

Choosing a therapist is a personal process, and finding an effective match between the client and therapist is not always immediately evident. It is suggested that we meet for approximately six sessions and then re-evaluate. If either you or I should decide that this is not a good match we will make plans together to terminate therapy, at which time I will offer an appropriate number of other referrals should you desire them. You know therapy is working when you feel less worried, afraid or anxious; problems are being resolved; relationships are improving or you come to feel better about yourself. Sometimes you may feel worse before you feel better. This is a part of the therapeutic process and usually means that you are making progress. You have the right to end therapy at any time, and you have the right to seek alternative or adjunctive ways of meeting your goals such as medication should you choose.

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